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Apps Powered By AR-VR Technology

Augmented Reality has changed the way people use mobile applications and interact with content in it. Meanwhile, IB Solutions has acquired great heights in developing creative applications to help businesses grow faster. Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality, we have served unique solutions to each industry vertical. At IB Solutions, team of experts in the IT field has achieved competence in delivering optimum solution which help businesses to interact with their customers effectively. We provide AR-VR solutions for below mentioned areas,

  • AR-VR App Design and Development Services
  • AR Gaming
  • AR Browsing
  • VR Ecommerce Platform
  • AR - VR Support and Maintenance

How Industries Are Incorporating AR-VR?

AR-VR has brought revolution in real estate industry. Realtors got the power to show their listings to clients just by sitting at their home. No need to visit place and check the whole area. Clients can see 3D view and check into all rooms, galleries, foyer, amenities etc and can decide whether to visit the place in person or not.

Lots of applications have already been developed in market to uplift the healthcare industry and help doctors to better understand the patient’s cause of sickness. Also it is helping a lot to medical students in their studies. AccuVein app is its best example.

  1. Appearance of heroes and villains in live location makes game more interesting with large user base. It makes game really interesting and joyful for any age group. IBonsol has expertise in developing AR-VR games and has a graphic designers team to work on attractive graphics for the game.

The sales person can show any product from all angles to customers even without carrying it in real. E-commerce business has achieved new heights in profit by integrating AR – VR technology in business and attracting customers to buy more by showing more things they sale.

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